Goals, Mission, etc etc

Firstly welcome to the new site. Strange to write a welcome post especially when they are typically unsuccessful at welcoming anyone at all and instead just serve as initial content launch and practice for the blogger. True welcoming posts will be ones filled with sought after knowledge indexed in the annuls of Google and its ilk. But for those of you who venture this far back into my archives, I digress. Lets get on with the nature of this post.

Lets get personal. Its 2014 and I have been doing web development (professionally) for 8 years. There is something wonderful about the web and its  tumultuous ever changing landscape of  development. Like any other web veteran, I have been through several programming languages, framework, platforms and practices. When I think on it, these times are the most enjoyable of all my career. Learning new libraries and frameworks excites me. Picking up new languages always brings that prideful moment of “Oh look what I built!” and brings the youthful perspective all over. You can’t see it but my Ruby-tinted lenses are steaming up. Wink wink.

This last year, however, has been a tough one. Truly grueling. My physical capabilities are in deterioration from some unknown malady that continues to baffle my doctors and at times it even drags my mind into a fog where nothing can escape. Between the “fog” and the fact that my right (and best) hand has been rendered near inoperable, its been difficult to continue with my work. My body is wracked with pain, walking is a tremendous chore, and after a half an hour typing I need to take a break that last for several hours. Not the most ideal state to seek paying work…

Unfortunate as these symptoms may be, I cannot simply give up. I been toying with ideas on how I could still provide a useful service and enjoy it enough to make it worth the pain endured in process. Cue in my aforementioned love and excitement of learning new things and viola, an idea is born. How does one stay useful by only learning and playing with new technologies? One teaches!

So erased becomes the prior calling card of this site and its purpose now renewed in the spirit of web instruction & sharing. I’m aware there are a TON of sites like this out there already, and I have used them to great benefit in my own career. But all things start somewhere, and if I can help out even a few people that would be pretty great wouldn’t it?

My primary goal is going to be video based courses dealing with emergent libraries and frameworks. I’ll document the learning I go through and then do a full video course release on the subject. Doing videos rather than releasing books helps alleviate a lot of the issues with my hands. While books may still be on the table, it’ll likely be done with some sort of transcribing software like Dragon. We’ll see.

I’m going to wrap this up for now. My first course is currently being recorded and deals with Concrete5 and building basic and advanced blocks. If you are interested in knowing when that course will be release then please enter your name & email on the mailing list to the right and I will send out word when it is finished and ready for purchase. Else you can just keep your eye on this blog or its various social connections and it’ll be announced there.

Thank you, hopefully this will be the start of a good thing.

Freelance web developer & instructor. I have 8 years of web development under my belt as a full stack LAMP developer. I greatly enjoy filling my day learning new things.